About Us

    Welcome to Zynnia Collective, where the vibrant world of fashion jewelry meets a testament to creativity and collaboration. Founded in 2022 by Aashna and her husband Dhruvik in the United States, our brand transcends mere accessories; it embodies a narrative woven with passion, cultural fusion, and unwavering dedication.

    Aashna's entrepreneurial journey began with a degree in Jewelry Design from NIFT, India, further enriched by her distinction as a Graduate Gemologist from GIA, Carlsbad. Prior to relocating to the United States, she honed her craft for four years running her own fine jewelry brand, showcasing expertise in precious gems and intricate designs. With her move came a pivot towards fashion jewelry, infusing her rich cultural background with contemporary influences, thus giving birth to Zynnia Collective.

    Behind every successful woman is a supportive partner, and Dhruvik fulfils this role admirably at Zynnia Collective. Managing the financial and marketing aspects of the brand, Dhruvik's strategic acumen complements Aashna's creative vision, fostering a true collaboration of talent and business insight.

    At the core of Zynnia Collective lies the essence of Aashna and Dhruvik's combined dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and cultural harmony. With Aashna's creative prowess and Dhruvik's strategic management, each piece from Zynnia Collective tells a captivating story of artistry, love, and entrepreneurial spirit. Join us as we embark on this journey, where every accessory is not just adorned but cherished as a reflection of our shared passion and commitment.